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The Cyber Privacy Project (CPP)  addresses issues about privacy raised in today's networked world.  In upholding the belief that privacy is essential to democratic society , the Cyber Privacy Project anchors its approach in realizing the beneficial potential of the Constitution, laws, and policies of the United States. CPP calls for implementation of privacy protections based on First Amendment rights of privacy and anonymity, Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights to due process and protection of liberty, and Ninth Amendment unenumerated rights to privacy. It also call upon similar principles in international human rights documents, state constitutions, and codes of ethics.


The Cyber Privacy Project gathers momentum behind its policy recommendations by serving as a source for the media and public discussions. The CPP makes its issues relevant to the majority of citizens by using and addressing new forms of technological communication in order to convey its message to a wide audience of individuals and groups.

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Privacy News

Every day, privacy-related issues appear in the headlines of major newspapers, on TV news programs, on the Internet, and in blogs. Identifying and heightening awareness of privacy issues is an essential feature of the CPP's effort to combat government intrusions on privacy. As a resource to the media and public, the CPP informs journalists and leaders on issues that we and others in the privacy community are currently addressing. Examples appear in the Publications section.

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The current CPP staff and advisers have published numerous articles, provided interviews, and created public presentations on privacy and ID issues. These resources provide examples of academic and policy works, along with law journal and media articles, in the field of privacy. Click here here for more information.


CPP currently works on a wide range of privacy-related issues including: Voter ID Laws, National Identity Systems, Air ID requirements, State Driver's License Laws, Immigration, and Medical Privacy. For more detailed information on our current projects Click Here.

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CPP can be reached by emailing us at cyberprivacyproject@hotmail.com.

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