The Cyber Privacy Project gathers momentum behind its policy recommendations by serving as a source for the media, the public, and leaders. The CPP makes its issues relevant to the majority of citizens, and addresses and uses new forms of technological communication in order to convey its message to a wide audience of individuals and groups.

Preserving priceless rights is a costly enterprise. The Rose Foundation Consumer Privacy Rights Fund has provided a partial grant to fund CPP projects and organizational development. While the pilot grant provides a helpful starting point, the Cyber Privacy Project realizes that it must develop funding from other foundations, organizations, and individuals interested in the preservation of individual privacy.

It is with the length of the journey ahead in mind that the Cyber Privacy Project now seeks additional support in order to extend its efforts in defense of privacy.

The Cyber Privacy Project seeks financial support in order to be able to offer its services to those organizations that might not otherwise be able to fund research projects of their own.

Especially where matters of privacy are concerned, the CPP hopes to extend its services in a number of ways. The services provided by the CPP include, but are not limited to: media relations (including speaking with the press, writing op-ed essays, and offering research), research on constitutional and legal issues (writing amicus briefs and sponsoring moot courts), policy research and development, and sharing general strategies to further organizational goals. Besides the advice of Gerald Jenkins, Esq., CPP consults with privacy experts nationally.

If you are interested in contributing to the CPP’s work, please email us.  See “Support CPP” for an address for contributions.